From Japan – Geographic Iconography of the Tokyo Urban Landscape

























There are any number of ways to capture a landscape but most natural I’ve found is in portrait. The manner in which a portrait manages the wide breadth and noisiness of a scene and coaxes it into a quieter and more contained form. The aspirational quality given by a skyward facing frame testifies to the freedom people’s environments give. The way a portrait slices just a sliver of a scene, stealing an intentional space with it’s narrowed composition to give the impression of a fuller and unambiguous idea of what it is the image wants to tell you. From these portraits: the urban Tokyo landscape.























Tokyo Composition #1







Urban Color Study – Tokyo #1






Temple Portrait






Crosswalk Portrait #1






Crosswalk Portrait #2






Facade – Tokyo #1





Landscape Redundancies – Diptychs in Urban Japan



Landscape Redundancy #1a
Landscape Redundancy #1b




















Landscape Redundancy #2a
Landscape Redundancy #2b

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