From Japan – Manual Yellow






Chapter 1 – Where is Place?

How do we engage with the spaces we are in? And how much are we a product of our spaces as much as we contribute to it? How do we do justice in documenting this?

Transit! Transit!




A Feeling of a Sense of Place




Rule of Pairs




Garden Commute








Garden City




Street Life




 Chapter 2 – Diptychs – How We Organize Ourselves Within the Urban Space

Our relationship to our greater environment. Documents make tangible the power of the rote moments of the everyday. The frames of smallness as a testament to our agency.

How We Fit #1a
How We Fit #1b




How We Fit #2a
How We Fit #2b




How We Fit #3a
How We Fit #3b




Chapter 3 – Tall City

We are enveloped by the deep blues of the streets. The orange glow of the late night walls guide us as we twist and turn through the night. We go home, We go out, We are here greeted by the tall city.


Night Snack at the Ubiquitous Machines




Can Patrol




Knife Skills




Evening Stroll Through the Shadows of the Tall City




Evening Commute








Shrine #1




 Chapter 4 – Exploring the Garden City

 The green of Tokyo betrays the image of of what the west only ever imagine cities as – concrete jungles. The red from the shrines work in unison with the green to frame a vibrant city. It lends itself to walking.

Untitled #1




The Youth of Exploration




Shrine Walk




Facade Study #1




Untitled #2




Form Study #1




 Chapter 5 – One Day

 A woman stares at a man. A fresh ember glows on the end of a cigarette that sits at the end of an arm on an armrest. The man stares off, away from the smoke-filled dining area out through the thick plastic veil onto the cold wet street.

City Canopy




Street #1




Street #2




Street #3




Street #4




Noise of Tangibility




Tall City




Leisure on a Rainy Sunday Afternoon in Tokyo








Shrine #2




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